Top 5 Nature Walks and Hikes in Ventura — VC Social

Ventura Beach Bike Trail Easy San Buenaventura State Beach is a great place to park the car and get the most out of this stretch of coastline. You’ll encounter the pier with Beach House Tacos and Madewest Brewery (highly recommend). You’ll pass by a newly renovated playground for the kids, the iconic surfers point lookout […]

Top 5 Nature Walks and Hikes in Ventura — VC Social

The Ultimate Beach Bag

There is nothing better than arriving at the beach and feeling incredibly prepared for an epic day of sun-soaking and salty ocean air! We spent a day at the beach with ocean lifeguard of 10 years, Chip, a self-proclaimed beach connoisseur and beach essentials expert and got the skinny on what to fill our beach bag with!

Meet Chip:

Here is Chip’s ultimate beach setup:

  • Beach wagon
  • Straw lifeguard hat
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sun shade tent
  • Umbrella 
  • Sunblock 
  • Surfboards 
  • Swim fins
  • Hand plane
  • Wetsuit 
  • Towels
  • Backpack cooler
  • Comfy beach chair
  • Lunch (duh Chip!)
  • Beach blanket 

Having a sun shade tent is a game changer, especially if you bring your pets to the beach. It is crucial for your skin to take a break from the pounding UV rays, it will block blowing sand, and it provides some nice privacy!

We love our backpack cooler, because let’s face it… only “shoobies” drag their heavy coolers through the sand!

Don’t forget to re-apply your sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Happy beach day!