Ventura has great year-round fishing.

SALT WATER FISHING – In the ocean, winter usually harvests Cod, Red Rockfish, Bass, Sheepshead, Salmon and Lingcod. Though Seabass and Yellowtail are caught sporadically through out the year, they are strongest after early June. The surface fishing picks up from mid June to November when sea temperatures are higher, bringing more White Seabass, Yellowtail, Bonita, Dorado, Sword Fish, Marlin, Tuna. The Dorado and Marlin are plentiful in warm sea temperature years, and scarce in cool sea temperature years. It all depends on the year and weather conditions. Marlin are only caught, tagged, and released.

FRESH WATER FISHING – Fresh water fishing is great in local lakes. Lake Casitas is possibly one of the best Largemouth Bass lakes in the world, and, potentially the home of the biggest loudmouths in the country. Of course, we will not give you his his make and location . Guaranteed you will know when you meet him. 😉 All kidding side, the trout and bass fishing in the lake is great. The bass are easiest to catch during spawning season. Most anglers only catch and release them during that time, so they can go back to making more big bass.

Fishing off the docks in the marina or off the pier can be lots of fun! Here’s a link to a local fishing video:

Here are some photos of the various fish that can be caught here. Please feel free to comment and load more photos. We would love to see them.