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Follow us for updates on local events and fun things to do. Ventura is an Amazing Place to Live and Visit with lots of activities for families.

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12 Years of Blogging! — Mitra Cline, Artist

Wow! I’m celebrating 12 years of blogging on WordPress. In 2009 I started a blog out of frustration with life circumstances. Can you resonate with looking for someone (including yourself) who can genuinely appreciate creative efforts? My desire to reach out to the internet was in the hopes of […]

The wooden Rincon Parkway, Ventura, California, circa 1910s —

It may seem an odd way to build a road, but back in the 1910s when we were still figuring out this whole idea of motoring around the countryside, a wooden parkway probably wasn’t so crazy. This is the Rincon Parkway, which formed part of California’s State Route […]

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