12 Years of Blogging! — Mitra Cline, Artist

Wow! I’m celebrating 12 years of blogging on WordPress. In 2009 I started a blog out of frustration with life circumstances. Can you resonate with looking for someone (including yourself) who can genuinely appreciate creative efforts? My desire to reach out to the internet was in the hopes of finding help and helping myself too! By […]

12 Years of Blogging! — Mitra Cline, Artist

The wooden Rincon Parkway, Ventura, California, circa 1910s —

It may seem an odd way to build a road, but back in the 1910s when we were still figuring out this whole idea of motoring around the countryside, a wooden parkway probably wasn’t so crazy. This is the Rincon Parkway, which formed part of California’s State Route 1 – the glorious coastal drive between […]

The wooden Rincon Parkway, Ventura, California, circa 1910s —

J.K. Mondol – Mondol Real Estate

DRE#00855824 COMFORT REAL ESTATE SERVICES “I have been selling and developing real estate in Southern California for over 40 years. Along with co-founding and operating Pacific Rim Realtors and Pacific Rim Commercial, the largest independent real estate chain in Ventura County for over a dozen years, I have also been fortunate to assist many luxury…


Here’s a few offshore fishing photos to wet your appetite. The fish in the ocean here get much bigger than the fish in these photos, so you will want to make sure you have the right gear for the type of fishing you are doing. The action of your rod and weight of line are…

The 5 Majestic + Mysterious Islands off of Ventura, California — Leverage Ambition

Anacapa Island Waves and wind have eroded this five mile stretch of a volcanic spine towering three islets with sea cliffs, caves and natural bridges. With a distinct Chumash history, this set of islets boasts a lighthouse, giant coreopsis, sea birds, tide pools, and kelp forests. Santa Cruz Island The largest and most diverse park […]

The 5 Majestic + Mysterious Islands off of Ventura, California — Leverage Ambition

Best Day Trips From Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara: Californian Riveria is famous for its beautiful Mediterranean climate. It has several pretty beaches, Mediterranean architecture, and palm trees. Also, it houses the famous California mission State Street shops with quaint, laidback vibes. Not only are there beautiful things to do in Santa Barbara, but also there are many day trips from Santa Barbara, […]…

20 Best Things to Do in Ventura, CA — Travel Aspire

A place so beautiful with views of oceans, hills, and forests, Ventura is a destination that needs to be cherished. Sunsets and seafood make for the best combination in this city in California. There are a ton of recreational activities for you to enjoy, such as hiking, surfing, swimming, and biking. With so much for […]…

♫ Ventura Highway ♫ — Filosofa’s Word

Released in 1972 by the band America, this was written by band member Dewey Bunnell, who says of the inspiration for the song … “It was 1963 when I was in seventh grade, we got a flat tire and we’re standing on the side of the road and I was staring at this highway sign. […]

♫ Ventura Highway ♫ — Filosofa’s Word

Santa Paula, CA: At this haunted historic inn, spirits abound — MARI GO ROUND

I feel a chill cross my back, as I climb the floral carpeted staircase to the third floor. I feel another one as I cross a sitting area and make a left into the hotel’s corridor. The hallway is dim. The dark, burgundy walls are illuminated by tired daylight shining through the window of what seems like a little reading nook. (It’s the perfect weather outside for something like this — gray, damp, dreary.) Under my foot, the floor sinks and creaks with every step I take, breaking the silence. Squeak, croak, pop.

Santa Paula, CA: At this haunted historic inn, spirits abound — MARI GO ROUND

15 Best Things To Do In Oxnard, California — Travel Aspire

Located in the Ventura County of California, Oxnard is a beautiful beach town. This panorama-perfect town is particularly famed for its historic downtown, pristine white beaches and authentic culture. This town is worth a visit for its evasively quaint harbour, historic Victorian-era architecture and electric nightlife.As one of California’s budding coastal community, Oxnard might surprise […]

15 Best Things To Do In Oxnard, California — Travel Aspire

Matt Corral Pics, Shirtless, Biography, Wiki — celebrity news | entertainment news

matt corral shirtless Matt Corral 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki American football quarterback Born: January 31, 1999 (age 22 years), Ventura, California, United States Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) Bowl games: 2021 Outback Bowl (MVP); 2022 Sugar Bowl Weight: 205 lb (93 kg) Class: Junior Parents: Peter Corral, Elizabeth Corral Education: Oaks Christian […]…

On the 38th Day They Played — ride on sister

We played music, we sang, we created, and we hiked on Santa Cruz Island. This is one of eight of the Channel Islands off the coast of southern California. Why not, it was our 4th day off the bicycles and we like to have fun! The day before, we stopped for a couple hours in […]

On the 38th Day They Played — ride on sister

Pacific Coast Highway: Emma Wood State Beach — Dan Stiel Fotografie

Emma Wood State Beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway between Santa Barbara and Ventura. The area is a favorite destination for swimming, surfing and fishing. Catches include perch, bass, cabezon and corbina. We’re looking north towards Dulah, Solimar Beach, Mondo’s Beach, and Faria Beach. The park is named for Emma Grubb Wood, who owned […]

Pacific Coast Highway: Emma Wood State Beach — Dan Stiel Fotografie

Roundup: My favorite places to socially distance in Ventura — MARI GO ROUND

Ever since the pandemic broke out, I’ve been spending a great deal of time at home. When we do go out, though, it’s usually to a handful of places we know and trust. (Think: lesser-known beaches, wide-open picnic areas, gardens and hiking trails). When we do feel an urge to grab a bite to eat, […]

Roundup: My favorite places to socially distance in Ventura — MARI GO ROUND