Surfing & Surfing Lessons

Home to several surfing champions and celebrities, Ventura is a world renowned surfing destination and a place you can catch a wave pretty much every day of the year. Surfing is taken seriously here. The local high schools have teams and compete with top competitors on a regular basis. There are both public and private lessons and camps year-round, so it is quite easy to find a place to learn. Read on for more information on locations to surf, schools, and competitions. There’s a lot more to follow.

Waves in Ventura for most part are fair to medium in size with an average 11-14 second interval , offering residents days and days of awesome surfing, especially at Surfers Point, (also called C Street). which is a perfect spot to catch really long waves. The point faces south, and has a long run where the waves curl around it carrying surfers, at times, all the way to the pier and beyond. There are breaks on both sides of the point some days allowing surfers an opportunity to catch waves twice on the same run. Since the waves can get pretty big at times, it is best to stay alert and pay attention to weather reports.

C Street is literally next to Downtown Ventura and the Historic Ventura Pier, making it a great destination to vacation, enjoy a little surf and sun, combined with great dining and entertainment. There are some really nice hikes a and bike rides available as well. Just remember to be courteous on the water. Most locals and generous, will help you, and have your back, but don’t take bad manners very well.